Low Battery Syndrome, how do you feel when your phone battery is dying?

Hey guys, how do you feel when your smartphone battery is low and you cannot find anywhere to charge it immediately? Frustrating, right? Yes, it could really be annoying especially when you are running late for an appointment or a date and then, you reach out to your phone only to find a red battery icon beeping in your face, sigh! Anyways, the good news is that you aren’t alone in that kingdom. A lot of us have experienced that uneasy feeling which is now known as the Low Battery Syndrome.


It is believed that people suffering from this syndrome tend to get easily agitated, worried and hasty. Don’t be surprised it could be that, the passenger who is yelling at the bus driver for stopping at different bus stops or that guy sitting on the walkway absent-minded are both suffering from the low battery syndrome.



And… The “SLIMMEST BATTERY KING” comes to the rescue

Some smartphone makers who have been in that type of awkward situation, probably understand how it can be, that is why they have taken it upon themselves to produce smartphones with an amazingly large battery capacity that could last at least 48 hours on one charge—that’s just too much juice. Notable, TECNO Mobile with its L series smartphones have been doing its own bit in reducing that panicky feeling that has become almost part of our lives.



It is bigger, longer and can almost last forever!

And it just had to be TECNO! With the launch of its latest TECNO L9 Plus, victims of the low battery syndrome definitely have received their healings!

The TECNO L9 Plus comes with a major advancement in battery technology and boasts an impressive 5000Mah battery capacity which can provide over 72hrs nonstop power to the L9 Plus. With a 5000mAh battery, there is very little one cannot run on a smartphone. In fact, you can enjoy over 24hrs of gaming, 30hrs of video playback, 40hrs of call and 200hrs of music playback.

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Trust me guys the low battery syndrome or any type of anxiety syndrome is not one to treat lightly! Not to mention missing out on a very important appointment or a life-changing interview; it could really be the worst experience in one’s professional life! So spare yourself the embarrassment and the endless anxiety and trauma and get a TECNO L9 Plus as an official prescription!

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