How To Use Apple Watch with Android (it's expensive)

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I show you how I use the Apple Watch while using Android as my main phone. I get my calls, receive my text messages, emails, calendar events, app notifications and more all while benefiting from the Apple Watch’s (potentially live saving) features.

What works:
– Phone calls
– Receiving text messages
– Emails
– Calendar events
– Social media notifications
– Apple Watch exercise tracking
– Apple Watch ECG scan
– Siri
– Google Assistant reminders
– Walkie Talkie
– Todoist
– Basically any cloud based app / notifications!

What doesn’t work:
– Music control
– Sending text messages

Tasker Automation:

For the automatic hotspot toggling profile, I set the GPS & Net radius at 500m for each location. The starting task is to set WiFi Tether to OFF, and to set WiFi to ON. The exit task is to set WiFi Tether to ON. This way, when at the location in the 500m radius, the hotspot will automatically turn off and when you leave that radius it will automatically turn back on.



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How To Use Apple Watch with Android (it’s expensive)


Written by Jerry

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