10 Best Movie Apps for free Streaming and Download of Movies

If you’re looking for the best movie apps you can use to stream and download movies on your Android device then you’ve definitely come to the right place. In this article, we will be running down the list of the best movie apps we think are the best when it comes to streaming of tv shows and movies online. Without wasting much of your time, let’s get right down to it.

10 Best Movie Apps for free Streaming and Download of Movies

1. Showbox

Best Movie Apps for free Streaming

ShowBox tops the list here and is by far my favourite app for not just streaming up-to-date TV shows and movies but also keeping up with the latest happenings in the movies and series universe as it has a new tab where it updates its users with the latest news. However, there might be a slightly delay in adding recent movies which is due to the fact that Showbox only has high-quality movies and TV shows. Other than the delay, Showbox is basically a Tv show/Movie Love delight and definitely worth having.

Download Showbox Here

2. YouTube

YouTube needs no introduction as it is widely known and most likely already pre-installed on your Android device. Not many people know this but YouTube does have its own fair share of TV shows and movies called “YouTube Originals”. Unfortunately, it is only available in the US and some other countries too which means you’ll have to use a VPN if you’re not in the US. Some of the shows available on YouTube are free while some require YouTube Red subscription. Either way, it’s still a great addition to the list and definitely worth checking out.

Download YouTube Here

3. Kodi

Kodi, also known as Kodi Media centre is a free and open source cross-platform hub and one of the Best Movie Apps. This means that you can make use of Kodi for free and all you just have to do is simply to download the app from the Google Play store and then add an add-on to stream any movie or TV show you want. It’s as simple as that. It can also be used as a video Player for videos tout already have on your android device.

Download Kodi Here

4. Popcorn Time

Popcorn Time, just like the game implies, it is an app that lets you know what time to grab the popcorn for the upcoming movie. The app contains cinema showtimes across all major cinemas which will show you the time movies start in the app. You can also buy movie tickets through the app and explore up upcoming movies. There are also other features for movies lovers inside the app.

Download Popcorn Time Here

5. Mobdro

Mobdro is a mobile streaming app that has tons of channels you can stream. The channels have been grouped into different categories for easy access. Lots of series and movies are being streamed live on the app on a daily basis and all you have to do is simply to download the app and choose if you want to stream series, movies, news, gaming and many more. It is also lightweight and a very clean User Interface which makes it easy to navigate through.

Download Mobdro Here

6. Crackle

Sony Crackle is another streaming app that’s definitely worth checking out if you are looking for the Best Movie Apps. It has tons of movies and TV shows in its collection plus a couple of sony crackle originals. Most importantly, the service is free and is said to be always free. Unfortunately, the app isn’t available in all countries but it’s nothing a VPN won’t bypass. If need something like Netflix but free, then Sony Crackle is for you.

Download Sony Crackle Here

7. MegaBox HD

MagaBox HD is an Android app that lets you watch hundreds of its TV shows and movies all free and you get to show if you want to stream or download. The movies and TV shows available on the app comes in different resolution from 360p, 720p and 1080p. The higher the resolution, the sharper the video will be and the more the size of the video will increase. Overall, the app is a good app and even allows you to play video using third-party video player apps like VLC or Mx player.

Download MegaBox HD Here

8 Cinema Box HD

Cinema Box HD is similar to Megabox HD and has a lot of movies and TV shows in its collection. Its user interface is also not bad. It supports chrome cast so you can stream your movies on a bigger screen. It also an offline mode for offline viewing, Kid’s mode for when your kids have your phone lots of subtitles for most of its movies and TV shows.

Download CinemaBox HD Here

9. Hubi

Hubi is a streaming and downloading app, much like Kodi. Hubi itself doesn’t have any movies or TV shows, but you can get a link containing a TV show or movies you would like to stream and Hubi will stream or download it for you. For now, Hubi supports a lot of website and more support is being added as time goes on. The UI is clean and works without hiccups.

Download Hubi Here


10. Tubi TV

Tubi Tv has a vast collection of movies and TV shows and is available on the Google Play store unlike most apps on this list. It is one of the Best Movie Apps you can download as it adds new movies and movies daily in order to keep you entertained. With support for Chromecast, you can mirror your the app to your TV and enjoy the movies on a much bigger display for a more immersive viewing experience.

Download Tubi TV Here


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