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Now you can play all your favorite console games right there on your iOS device. If you are looking to have some fun on your iPhone or iPad and you don’t want to jailbreak first, have a look at GBA4iOS, GBA emulator on ios. Nintendo and many more game consoles. One of the top-rated games emulator apps, GBA4iOS offers support for the Gameboy.


How to Download GBA emulator on ios

Downloading this is very simple, and there are two methods to choose from. While it will work on just about any iOS device, it works much better on those that have at least 2 GB RAM. The graphics will be smoother, and you have a more extensive choice of games to play. Here’s how to download it


Method 1: Download GBA emulator for iPhone using AppValley App

Another popular emulator app, AppValley contains several different emulators as well as GBA4iOS:

  1. Download AppValleyapp on your iOS device.
  2. Launch the app by tapping the icon on your home page
  3. Tap on Emulators
  4. Type GBA4iOS into the search box
  5. Tap the result, tap on Install and enjoy


Method 2: Download GBA emulator for iPhone using IPA File

This one is a bit more fiddly because you need to install the .ipa file onto your iPhone or iPad manually. This is easy enough with a tool called Cydia Impactor, just make sure you have your Apple ID to hand:

  1. First, check that iTunes is up to date on your computer – open it, click Help> Check for updates. If there is one, iTunes will guide you through it
  2. Next, plug your iPhone or iPad into your PC or Mac
  3. Close iTunes if it opens
  4. Tap the button above to download the GBA4iOS IPA file onto your device
  5. Download Cydia Impactor and open it
  6. Make sure it picks up your device – if it doesn’t, close Cydia Impactor, disconnect your device and then try again
  7. Once it has, find the IPA file and drag it into Cydia Impactor
  8. Use your Apple credentials to Sign in
  9. Tap OK on the Expired Certificates warning and wait; Cydia Impactor signs the file and installs it on your device – this may take a couple of minutes so be patient
  10. When the GBA4iOS icon appears on your screen, the installation is done
  11. Before you use it, go to Settings>General
  12. Open Profiles and tap on the app name in the list
  13. Tap on Trust and close Settings
  14. Now you can use GBA4iOS for all your console games

Don’t forget to have a look into the AppValley AppStore and see what else it offers – there are thousands of apps and games, all for free.

GBA emulator on ios


GBA4iOS App Features

The GBA emulator on ios app provides plenty of cool features:

  • Quick and easy to download
  • User-friendly, easy to navigate
  • No need to jailbreak
  • Full support for all iOS versions on all iOS devices
  • Support for GBA, Nintendo, and many more consoles and hosts
  • Play any game you want, from your old favorites to the latest games released
  • Full support for online Multi-Player gaming
  • Cloud Server hosting ensures downloads are fast and secure
  • Easily sync with cloud data storage and pick up on any device
  • One-Click-Play – one emulator, any game you like
  • Create custom game maps and game controls
  • Many more features


Alternative Download Method to Download GBA emulator for iPhone

If you can’t get on with either of the above methods or you just don’t like AppValley, don’t worry. Instead, Download TutuApp app installer, following the guide at the link above, and download GBA4iOS that way – TutuApp also offers thousands of other apps, games, and tweaks, all for free.

Alternative GBA emulator for iPhone

If GBA4iOS doesn’t offer the game you want or doesn’t have support for your favorite console, try one of these alternative emulator apps:

  • Delta Emulator
  • Happy Chick Emulator
  • PPSSPP Emulator


GBA4iOS is one of the most comprehensive GBA Emulator app installers, offering support for many different consoles. With one-click-play, you don’t need to download separate emulators either; just click and play, whatever game it is. It’s free, and all games are free too, so you don’t have a thing to lose by trying it.


If you and Andriod Fan and don’t have an iOS Device you check out our List of Andriod GBA Emulators

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