Best Ways to Free up Storage Space on iOS 12 Devices

Best Ways to Free up Storage Space on iOS 12 Devices
IOS devices offer different features. One of such features is the storage space. Some devices work with space as small as 16GB while others support a decent 512GB.

However, the presence of large apps and media galleries makes any iOS storage space seem insufficient. With this in mind, it’s important to know how to free up the storage on your iPhone or iPad.

How to Free up Storage Space on iOS 12 Devices

Below are the various ways you can achieve this task:

  1. Change the Your Photo and Video Format

Most iPhones and iPads use the HEIF (.HEIC) format to take pictures. Unlike the standard JPEG format, HEIF comes with smaller file size and decent image quality. It also creates videos with the same feature thus consuming less storage space.

On an iOS 12 device, both media formats are standard default. However, it’s advisable to confirm if that’s the case. For instance, you might have set the Camera app to capture images and shoot videos in the traditional JPEG/H.264 format. This happens due to problems of compatibility with other devices.

First, Tap the Settings app then you select Choose the Camera option. Tap on Format. If the choice is set to Most Compatible, change it to High Efficiency. Although this method does not create space, it prevents the media from consuming the same space at the same time.

However, if your iOS device does not support the HEIC format, you won’t find it in the Camera settings.

  1. Offloading Apps

iOS 12 comes with a feature known as app offloading. This highlight helps you manage storage space by “offloading” an app instead of deleting it. This function keeps all related data intact for reinstallation in the future.

Furthermore, the operating system automatically offloads apps which you haven’t used within some time especially if you are low on storage space. But you can speed the process and perform the task on your own using the following steps.

  • Tap on the Settings app. Go to and select General and then choose “iPhone/iPad” Storage.
  • When the installed apps are displayed, select the one you wish to offload.
  • Select Offload App on the next screen. Tap the icon again to confirm your choice.

The app is removed at this point, but you will find its icon on your Home screen. You can tap on it to reinstall the app.

  1. Using the Half App to Reduce Image Size

If you have issues with keeping low-quality videos and photo on your local storage, you might not prefer the iCloud option. However, the Half-Cut Media Storage in 1/2 app can help reduce the clutter on your phone.

After downloading the app, it displays your photo collection like a media library. Next, choose the image which you want to work on and tap Half it. The app replaces the image with a smaller sized version via the HEIF format without much loss in quality.

You can download the free version however to unlock more pictures at a time you have to make a payment of $2.99.

  1. Make the Best of the iPhone/iPad Storage

If you take a lot of pictures and videos, changing the format might not be enough to create more room on your device. But if you have your iCloud Photos option on, you can create backups of your images and videos on iCloud.

This action keeps lower quality content on your device and maintains the original, high-quality version on the iCloud for future download.

To enable this function, locate the Settings app and Choose Photos. Ensure the iCloud feature is enabled, select the Optimize iPhone/iPad Storage. The operating system will automatically swap high-quality images and videos for low-resolution copies as soon as your device storage becomes low.

  1. Remove Old Messages on Your iMessage App

The iMessage app consumes much space if used for an extended period. However, if you cut the time your device saves its messages, you can earn some space on your local storage.

First, select the Message under the Settings app. Next click on Keep Messages on the next screen. Change the setting from Forever to either 30 Days or 1 Year when the next menu opens. Finally hit Delete. Messages and attachments older than the chosen time limit will be purged.


  1. Backup via Google Photos

If you are looking for an alternative to iCloud, Google Photos serves as the best choice. First, it has an impressive storage plan, next it works on all platforms. Google Photos also starts the backup process as soon as you sign into to your Google account.

During the backup process, tap the Free Up Space option. This will make the app delete all photos on your iOS 12 device. You can retrieve your images via the service when you switch on your internet connection.

  1. Remove Pre-installed Apps

This action can help create more room on your iPad or iPhone. All you need to do is long press the app you wish to remove and click on the “X” button. However, ensure you offload the apps before you delete them. However, some apps might not be removed because their absence causes problems with the Settings app.

  1. Managing Files on the Internal Storage

You can use the custom File app to control space on your iPad or iPhone. This app helps you delete unwanted files that build up in the device’s internal memory. Ensure you back up these files on any cloud storage option before you select the Move button.

  1. Install Lite apps or Visiting PWAs

As apps consume much storage, you can download the lite version. Lite versions come within smaller sizes than the original content. However, they perform the same function.

On the other hand, you can visit the PWA or Progressive Web Apps. These are sites that run on Safari but offer the same experience as a regular app.

First, you open your preferred web app such as Twitter. Next, choose the Add to Home Screen Feature under the Share option. This creates a shortcut you can use to visit the site at any time. However, PWAs do not support notifications and some actions like dedicated apps.


Using the above tricks, you can make your smartphone or iPad have sufficient memory for your daily tasks. You can choose any of the methods listed and share your thoughts and experiences in the comment box.

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