Super Mario Run for Android finally has an official release date

First released in mid-December, Nintendo’s Super Mario Run became an instant hit on the iPhone and iPad as millions flocked to download the first Mario game for iOS devices. Nintendo explained soon after it launched the game why Android fans had to wait to play the Mario-based endless runner, revealing that it all has to do with preventing piracy. Not long after that, Nintendo said that Super Mario Run would be available on the Google Play Store at some point in March and now we finally have an official release date for Android fans.


Early on Saturday morning, Nintendo tweeted that the Android version of the game will launch on March 23rd, adding that users can already pre-register for the game in the Google Play store.

 Super mario runIt’s likely that Super Mario Run will be available as a free download, just like the iPhone version. A $9.99 one-time payment is required to unlock the full game on iOS, which is what we expect for Android as well. Aside from confirming the launch date for Super Mario Run for Android, Nintendo also revealed that version 2.0.0 of the app is in the works. Currently, the iPhone app is at version 1.1.2.

The new update will introduce new playable characters. Additionally, if players complete one of Bowser’s challenges in the free-to-play version of the game, they’ll unlock an additional world (1-4) to play for free. So far, the free version of the game only lets users play three worlds before requiring the $10 payment to unlock the rest of the levels. The update may contain a few other new features as well, but we’ll have to wait for the official change log to find out more details.


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