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How you Can Limit Data Usage On Facebook App on Android and iOS Device

Before now, we all know that Facebook mobile application is such a battery and data consumer. Though, Facebook has released its inbuilt Data saver feature which minimizes the amount of data used by the app. But that’s not all; there are still settings you need to manually turn off. I will take you by hand as i show you what to do. Kindly follow me along.

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How to Limit Facebook app Data Usage on Android

  1. You can adjust the app settings to save data:if you notice that your app is consuming too much data, the first thing you should consider is if you share a lot of pictures and videos with the app. Also, you might want to check if your app automatically plays videos. If it does, you need to turn it off. Tap on the menu button at the top right of the screen, then go to App Settings. There you will find options to Upload Photos in HD and Upload Videos in HD. Turn these off. Also, turn off Auto-play on the same page.
  2. Facebook for Android has a Data Saver mode which, as the name implies, saves data. It reduces image sizes and disables Auto-play for videos. You can access the Data Saver mode by tapping the menu button at the top right of the screen, then scrolling down to Data Saver. Turn this on, and it helps you limit Facebook app data usage. Note that this won’t really work unless you turn off Upload Photos/Videos in HD.
  3. Facebook recommends a third-party app to control your mobile data and protect your personal information. You can find the app by going to Settings, under Mobile Data. This redirects you to Google Play Store, where you install the app.
  4. Another option to consider is Facebook Lite. This is a slimmed-down version of the app. It is currently only available for Android, however.

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How to Limit Facebook App Data Usage on iPhone

  1. You can limit Facebook app data usage through almost the same process as Android users. Just click on the menu button on the bottom right corner, go to Settings, then click on Account Settings. Then tap on Videos and Photos. Here, you can disable HD uploads for photos and videos, and turn off Auto-play.
  2. One more thing for iPhone users. Facebook for iOS devices automatically refreshes in the background. This consumes quite a lot of data, so you might want to disable it. Go to Settings, then click on General. Tap on Background App Refresh, then select Facebook to turn it off.
  3. The WiFi assist on the iPhone helps maintain a stable internet connection. When your WiFi network isn’t too good, WiFi assist connects with your mobile data plan and maintains the connection. This consumes data too. To turn it off, go to Settings, click on Mobile Data, then turn off WiFi assist. This would help limit Facebook app data usage and save you data.

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