iPhone 8 may feature Touch ID on the back of the phone

Apple may take a cue from Samsung with rear-placed fingerprint scanner.

IPhone 8

A recent report from iDrop News suggests the iPhone 8’s Touch ID technology may not be located on the home button. It also hinders the use of multiple fingers, as the design would make it too awkward to use others apart from the index finger. Instead, this person claimed the Touch ID sensor will be located on the back of the phone, just underneath the Apple logo.


Although somewhat improbable, the concept isn’t necessarily impossible: Android smartphones have commonly featured fingerprint sensors on the back – including the new Samsung Galaxy S8. Still, earlier reports from more credible sources make a stronger case for the sensor being beneath the display as they highlight Apple’s speculated developing and testing of inbuilt Touch ID technology.


Websites dedicated to Apple news have also been vocal about their suspicions of the claim. With no word from Apple, we still don’t know where the Touch ID will actually be located – but we wouldn’t could on finding it on the back.

Written by Jerry

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