How to Unlock In-App Purchases in Android Apps & Games

How to Unlock In-App Purchases in Android Apps & Games
We witnessed the advent of computing a long time ago, and it had grown into an instrumental and sophisticated innovation for humanity. It had such significant evolution to the extent that other than its use business-wise and professionally, computing forayed into entertainment, specifically in gaming, where computers enjoy huge acceptance in different genres of games worldwide.  Nowadays, mobile gaming has got very famous and has won tens of millions of fans all over the world.

Further, Google Play Store in all Android mobile phones provides a rich variety of apps under different categories, including Art & Design, Business, Auto & Vehicles, Beauty, Games, and many others. Unfortunately, the majority of these apps aren’t free to download and install on your device even though they have many uses for us.

While some of the apps require that you pay something, others are free. Some applications are offered on the Play Store with both free and paid versions but with a few limitations. Therefore, if you need to purchase paid apps for free, read on as we highlight the top 5 apps you can use to get free in-app purchases on your Android-powered smartphone without the need to root the device.

Free in-app Purchases with LuckyPatcher

LuckyPatcher, developed by ChelpuS and released in January 2018, is a free Android app for hacking in-app purchases without having to root your smartphone. With total downloads that are over 560 million, it is a highly rated tool that helps you hack the Android Google Play and enjoy downloads of paid apps for free on your Android device. With LuckyPatcher, you can easily get rid of license from any phone app, including games.

The software lets you create a modified APK file, which is exactly a replica of the original application with the only exception being that you are given privileges to carry out in-app game purchases for free. Also, it can be used for disabling the pesky Google ads that run on the app.

However, LuckyPatcher has a drawback which is, it does not work on online games as hacking an online game requires that you hack server of the online game, which is quite hard and herculean.

Download LuckyPatcher

Free in-app Purchases withLeo Play Card

This app is preferred owing to its user-friendly interface and a wide range of supported games. The steps you need to take to use Leo play card are quite straightforward. To hack an Android game with Leo Play Card app, follow the procedure stated below:

  • Download and Install the software
  • Launch it and be a little patient as the app scans your device properly
  • Allow phone permissions as required by Leo Play Card app by pressing the button that is displayed on the application’s home screen
  • Minimize the Leo Play Card app and head to the specific app to be hacked and choose the “Buy now” option with the Play Store
  • Allow the Google Play payments tab to load and then, wait for this tab to disappear
  • Without making any efforts, the payment window will automatically disappear, and you’ll have made payment for the app purchase.

Unfortunately, Leo Play Card doesn’t work on the Gunship Battle game due to the changed security mechanism.

Leo Play Card download link:


This software helps Android users to hack Android gaming apps without the need to root their smartphones. CreeHack allows you to hack games in Android OS and increase your jewels, coins, and money without any limit with the aid of a very simple UI. It works with the majority of Android games and is a lightweight program that is easy to install. CreeHack is a great tool to bypass app payments

CreeHack download link:


This software is among the best Android apps that enable you to enjoy free in-app purchases without hassle. With this program installed on your smartphone, you can get points, coins, money for games for free. Freedom app also lets you hack Android games, but you will need to have root access or permission to do all these.

Freedom direct link:


Xmodgames is a great tool for hacking different gaming apps from game developers. It also offers various mods to games, just like GTA series is played with a different mod, with some coming with increased capacity (time, life, and so on) of the player and some showing enhanced game graphics or some games acting as an accelerator.

Unfortunately, Xmodgames can only work on rooted devices. This app provides a user-friendly interface and offers a screen-recording feature for recording HD videos or capturing a screenshot while playing games.

Please note: Hack any app is illegal. Software developers spend huge resources and time to design apps that generate income for them on Google Play. This how-to article is written to offer you info on these apps.

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