Different Ways to Bypass Android Lock Screen

If you are here, you probably forgot your password, pattern or PIN that unlocks your Android device and you are looking for a way to bypass Android lock screen.

The good news there are ways to hack your phone. However, it’s not as easy as using password cracker USB sticks on your PC. So here are seven ways you can have access to your even if you have forgotten your password, pin or pattern.

With Samsung’s “Find My Mobile” Service

If you use a Samsung phone or tablet, then this hack should work for you. The “Find My Mobile” service caters for Samsung devices. It also has similar features as Google’s “Find My Device” website.

Begin by using this link on any browser then log into your Samsung account. We want to add that you should have an existing Samsung account before you can access this service. Furthermore, some network companies such as Sprint, will not let you use this service.

After you have logged into your Samsung account, tap the “Lock My Screen” button. Enter a new PIN in the space provided and tap the “Lock” button. After some minutes, your lost password will change to the new PIN that will open your device.

Delete Your Password File with ADB

This method will be provided you have activated USB debugging on your phone or tablet. Furthermore, you will need a PC that can connect via ADB. However, this option might not work on devices which have been encrypted by default.

You can begin by connecting your phone and PC with a USB cable. Next, open a command prompt window in the ADB installation directory. Input the command below and tap the “Enter” key.

adb shell rm /data/system/gesture.key

After this, your phone will reboot, and the secure lock screen will disappear. You should note that this scenario is temporary; this means you should set a new pattern, PIN or password before you reboot again.

Use the “Forgot Pattern” Option

If you have a locked phone with Android 4.4 or lower, you should try the “Forgot Pattern” function. After five unsuccessful unlock attempts, you will see a message that says “Try Again in 30 seconds.” Tap the “Forget Pattern” button at the bottom of the screen.

Next, choose the “Enter Google Account Details.” Fill in the required information. As soon as you finish, Google will send an email with your new unlock pattern.

Using Google’s “Find My Device” Website

One of the best ways to hack your locked Android device is the inbuilt “Find My Device” service. To get to access the service at this link, all you need to do is log in to your Google account on any device.

Based on various tests, we have discovered that this method works on phones with Android 7.1.1 or below. However, you cannot use this trick for devices with Android 8.0 or higher.

First, you tap the “Lock” icon as soon as “Find My Device” finds your phone. If the service does not see your device, tap the refresh button beside your phone’s name again. With compatible devices, five attempts should make the connection possible.

Next, input a new password into a space provided on a prompt which will appear next. This password will replace previous patterns, PINs, and passwords. Input the password twice to confirm your choice, then tap “Lock.”

It will take 5 minutes for the new password to start working. But when it does, you can use it to unlock your phone or device.

Crash the Lock Screen UI

If you have an encrypted phone that runs on Android 5.0-5.1.1, this hack comes as an ideal solution. However, it will work only if you used a password (not a PIN or pattern) to lock your device.

First, click on the “Emergency Call” button on your lock screen then type in 10 asterisks (*). Next, copy and paste the symbols so that you will have a total of 20 asterisks.


Repeat the process until the field cannot highlight the symbols.

Return to the lock screen and click on the camera button. Next, pull down the notification panel and select the Settings option. Paste the previous asterisks on the prompt that will require a password. Once you have pasted enough characters, the lock screen will crash thus unlocking your phone.

Bypass Android Lock Screen With A Factory Reset

Although this hack will erase any data on your locked phone, it can help you gain access especially if the device was released in 2016.  However, because of a new anti-theft feature called Factory Reset Protection, you will need a Google account password.

You can start by turning off your device when the screen goes blank, press and hold the power and volume buttons at the same time. This action will bring up Android’s bootloader menu. Next press the volume button twice to scroll to the “Recovery Mode” option. Tap the power button to choose the option.

Finally, if your device is a new model, you will have to log in the Google account and password that was used on the device before the reset.  With these details, you should have access to your account.

Bypass the Third-Party Lock Screen Via Safe Mode

If your device has a lock screen from a third-party app, you can bypass it by booting into safe mode.

You can activate the safe mode by bringing up the power menu from the lock screen. Then hold the “Power Off” option. After which you select “OK” when the system asks if you want to boot into safe mode. Once you are through, the third-party lock screen app will be disabled for a short time.

Finally, uninstall or clear data on the third-party lock screen app and reboot your device to exit the safe mode. When your phone comes back on, the lock screen app will disappear.

To bypass Android lock screen You can try any of the methods, and we hope they will work for you. However, ensure that your phone has the compatible features for a particular hack. If you have any comments about this article, we would like to see them in the box below.

Written by Jerry

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