Reasons your Whatsapp was Banned and How to reactivate WhatsApp after it has been suspended

Because WhatsApp thinks that you’ve done something that violates their terms!

First of all, to know How to reactivate WhatsApp after it has been suspended, you must identify the cause of why you’re blocked. WhatsApp decides to block an account for several reasons, the following are the most common:

  1. You have installed third-party applications. They are apps not created by WhatsApp developers, but they interact with it. Among these there is WhatsApp Plus, but also all those apps that add new emoticons. The point is that WhatsApp doesn’t like other apps slipping into its world, and therefore often blocks their users.
  2. You have sent too many messages to a person that does not have your number saved. In this case, WhatsApp may consider you a spammer, and it bans your account to safeguard the privacy of its users. which is mostly encountered by many users today, is usually done by marketing teams. With numerous messages being sent out to unknown people by spammers. If you are one of those who keeps sending messages that are not related or important enough to an unknown recipient, you could enter the list for being banned.
  3. Many WhatsApp users have blocked you in a short period. If many people prevent you from sending them messages, it means that you pester people, and then WhatsApp subsequently bans your number.
  4. You have created a group and added people that don’t have your phone number saved.It’s the same case of point no 2. Though you could create as many groups as you want, make sure you add people into the group who have you in their address book. Don’t create a group with unknown people, or people who don’t have your number on their list.
  5. Sending the same message to too many people could also end up in trouble. Similar to spamming, your message could be a joke or something important. However, if the same messages are sent out numerous unwanted people, you could get yourself banned. This type of messages could be considered as spam and rumor spreading.
  6. Sending hoaxes, rumors, submitting links with malware, posting porn, unlawful, obscene, defamatory, libelous, threatening, harassing, hateful, racially or ethnically offensive material could also land you into trouble of the law, including being banned from Whats App.
  7. Lastly, you should not violate any terms and conditions of Whats App’s services. The terms and conditions are listed on the Whats App website, and make sure you go through each of them and understand each point carefully. Some of the important rules are as follows: no using an automated system such as robots or spider apps. Do not reverse engineer or modify their apps. Use of a third-party modified Whats App app is prohibited too. You shall be solely responsible for your own Status Submissions and the consequences of posting or publishing them. You cannot submit copyrighted or protected material on Whats App.

For one of these reasons, WhatsApp goes into action and sends an alarming message that says:

“Your phone number ******** is temporarily banned from WhatsApp. Contact Support “.

Do not worry; if you decide to “do good” everything will soon return to work.

How to reactivate WhatsApp after it has been suspended.

To reactivate their account suspended, you need to understand the “rules” that have been violated and act accordingly. Remove all third-party applications that interact with WhatsApp and delete groups and chats with users that haven’t saved your number (or ask them to put your number in their phone books).

With that done, wait for WhatsApp to enable the service on your phone again. If it does not, the only alternative is to send an email to [email protected] and politely ask to be reactivated.

How long will the reactivation take?

The time to remove the ban varies from a minimum of 48 hours to a maximum of “infinite”. Usually, if the problem is not serious, this takes place after 48-72 hours. On the contrary, if your account has been suspended for life because the violation is considered overly serious, the only option is to create a new account WhatsApp associated with a new phone number.

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