5 Best Android Emulator for Linux in 2019

android emulator for linux
Do you own a Linux machine? Do you love the Android
OS? Are you looking for a way to run Android on the Linux platform? If your
answer is yes, then you should try an emulator.

Emulators enable your Linux product to behave like
an Android device. For example, if you are developing a new Android app, you
can use the emulator to test it without using an actual Android phone.  You can also play Android games on a Linux
device with the use of an emulator.

Android Emulator for Linux

Are you ready for our list of top 5 Android Emulator for Linux? Let’s move on.


If you are a fan of Google’s services, then you
should try the Android SDK. The service works in a Linux environment and Android
Studio, allowing you to run Android apps smoothly. Furthermore, both programs
work together to emulate Android software by using the resources on your
desktop or laptop.


With the above features, creators can test and
develop new apps while casual users can check out Android games. However, the Android
SDK and Android Studio files are large; hence it might sometime before you can
install the program.

You can download Android SDK from here.


GenyMotion is one of the popular Android emulators
for Linux. This is because it’s fast, reliable and efficient. Although it
reminds us of the Android SDK, it has more features to offer. For one, it
allows developers to test apps on multiple Android devices via emulation. It
also allows casual users to use Android games, apps and see how websites look
on the same platform. A free account is required before you can download use

You can download GenyMotion here.



This emulator started as a project by developers who
created another emulator-Genymotion. It is also easy to set up. All you need to
do is download the Linux image from the Andro VM site. Next, download
VirtualBox, and load the Linus image on it. Now, you can easily use any Android
app from the Google Play store.

Unlike Genymotion that requires an active internet
connection, Andro VM can be used offline.

You can download Andro VM from here.


Still looking for a great Android emulator for
Linux? Well, check out Andy OS. This program enables a virtual environment on
Ubuntu, Mac, and Mac environments. It even stands as an ideal option for
playing Android game titles on the Linux platform. However, this depends on the
number of resources you have assigned for this task. This means that if you
have enough resources, you might play heavy games such as Auralux or any of the
Unreal Engine titles.

You can download Andy OS from here.


Another worthy mention on our list, Android -x86
helps you run Android on Ubuntu Linux inside a virtual environment. First,
install this emulator via the link below. Next download VirtualBox to create a
virtual machine. Launch the program and select the Android option. Finally,
upload your ISO file. The process is easy as VirtualBox offers detailed
instructions on its website.

You can download Android – x86 here.


From our list, you can see that there are great Android
emulators for the Linux platform. However, we have tons of other Android
emulators for Linux machines. This is because Android operating system is based
on Linux thus finding an ideal emulator is not hard.

Feel free to use any of the programs mentioned above- after all, it depends on the software that fits your tastes. You might choose to consider Google’s Android SDK since it has more updated features and troubleshooting tools. However, any of the emulators on our list can handle the tasks well.


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