Top 10 Song Recognizer Apps for Android and iOS in 2019

song recognizer apps

How do you identify a song for download when you don’t know the lyrics or the artist? Until recently this might have been the case, but with song finder apps things are a little easier.

Song Recognizer apps or Music ID apps work by collecting bits of listened music and comparing them to a massive in-app database.  Thanks to developers, these services are available on every platform open today.

In this article, we will show you the top apps for recognizing music available on IOS and Android in 2019. Let’s get started.

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Best Song Recognizer Apps for Android and iOS


The word “Shazam” is not new especially if you are a music lover. You can even say this service is the most popular song finder app on any platform. This app comes with a triple panel interface and finds songs with fantastic speed. However, the presence of ads in the free version might become tiring.

As soon as the app finds the song, it offers various options. These options include watching the song’s YouTube Video, listening to the audio file or singing along to lyrics. You can also identify music while using other apps via a pop-up tool.

Apart from music, Shazam can also identify movies, magazines, posters with its camera and an inbuilt QR code reader. Also, you can find songs which are trending in your location and listen to complete tracks on music apps such as Google Play Music and Spotify.

You can download the app for free here.


song recogniser apps

Musixmatch is strictly an app for identifying songs and showing their lyrics. However, it offers these services with ease.

The app has a floating lyrics feature which displays lyrics of a massive song collection. The app also has a translation service with which you can translate to a language of your choice. But the languages available are limited.

With Musixmatch you can take a song lyric and share with your friends on social media. The app also enables word by word syncing and offline lyrics display.

You can download the iOS version here or the Android version here for free. But you might have to make some in-app purchases while using the app.


song recognizer apps

Next on our list of song recognizer apps for Android and iOS is Sound Hound. Apart from recognizing songs, the service recommends different genres and plays videos.

The app includes an AI assistant. But before you find a song, you need to say the words ” Ok Hound.” This action helps you find the song or the artiste. You can also find songs by humming the tune.

Sound Hound enables you to read the song’s lyrics, purchase songs and connect to Spotify. Another unique highlight of Sound Hound is that it has a web app which can ID music with the PC microphone.

You can download the free version here however to enjoy the full features you have to make a payment of $5.99.


This free app allows you to search for lyrics and identify songs. You can also play the songs from your library with the in-app music player. The app also has a search option with which you can find songs with their lyrics.

The app comes with good recognition features however it has a lot of pop up ads. You can download the app here.

Music ID

song recognizer apps

MusicID is an ideal option for users looking for an app with a simple interface for identifying music. Unlike, most apps on this list, it does not include any fancy features.


One of the highlights of the app is the Explore tab which provides details about top songs and artists. You can also make comments about a discovered song. Although the service finds songs with ease, it does not display lyrics.

You can download the IOS version here or get the Android version here.  The app is free to use.

Google Music Recognition

song recognizer apps for android abd iOS

Another exciting way of recognizing music is Google Music Recognition. Although not an app on its own, this service can help identify songs quickly.

To use the app, you need to open the Google search assistant or tap the music icon on the right edge of the page. When it finds the song, you will be offered search results where you can check lyrics and stream its video or audio file.

Google Music Recognition does not feature song charts or perform any other task. You should also know that this app comes for free and works on only Android devices. However, if it is not on your smartphone, you can grab the app here at no extra cost.


As Android users can use the Google search function so also can iOS users can use the preinstalled Siri. To do this, you need to take your device to the audio source and say the words ” Hey Siri, what song is playing?”

Click on the BUY option which Siri opens as soon as she discovers the song. You can also take down the name of the song for an alternative method of download.


Beatfind is another exciting music ID app for 2019. It gives an attractive strobe light effect when it syncs with the identified song. The light comes from the device’s flashlight. To find a song with this app, you need to use the search bar at the bottom of the screen.

You can download the app for free here. However, it comes with ads that pop up from time to time.


song recognizer apps

WhoSampled identifies music around you and displays its samples, covers, and remixes. The app has a clean user interface which is easy to navigate. It also gives information about top-rated artists and songs. You can also stream content from YouTube with this service.

You can download the app for all platforms here. The app comes with an annual in-app subscription for $9.99.


song recognizer apps

Genius has a simple interface that allows you to view and navigate the extensive song library quickly. It also offers real-time lyrics which you can download and read when you are offline.

Even as a song recognizer app, you can play the video of the identified song. The app has an IOS and Android version which you can download from here and here.

Which of the song recognizer apps do you prefer on our list? You can share your view in the comment below.

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