OLX Nigeria: How to Buy and Sell Items Online

olx nigeria
OLX Nigeria is a well-known platform but not many know how it functions or how to use it. This post will you you through all that.

The advent of the Internet has revolutionized the traditional ways we do things, introducing innovative methods of meeting new people anywhere in the world, of interacting with people, of conducting businesses, of doing a litany of other activities.  Today, with the ubiquity of smartphones and online marketplaces, you can now buy and sell items — whether old or brand new — online. These online marketplaces serve as a bridge between the buyer and the seller, helping you sell your products with ease and/or purchasing any items of your choice. OLX, founded in 2006 and headquartered in the US, is one of such online platforms, where users can engage in trading seamlessly. 24/7. All year round.

It is a global online market place that lets you sell off any item you have been using at home or at your office to willing buyers.  The process is quite stress-free; simply start by posting an ad containing details on the particular item you wish to sell on OLX. Owing to the fact that OLX is a classified listing site, it allows you to post any time, free of charge. One of the many things you would like about OLX is, prices of items are always fair. In the remaining part of this write-up, we will show you how to buy and sell on OLX. Let’s go!

How to Offer Your Products for Sale on OLX Nigeria

Start by visiting the OLX Nigeria official website, which is the webpage for Nigerian users. If you are not resident in Nigeria, you can visit their specific site for the country you live in. OLX is a global outlet that is operative in 45 countries, with regional websites for various areas as well as countries.  

When you get to the site, you should scroll down to the lowest section on the website, where you’ll see options for selecting your particular city or country. You only need to click “OLX Close to you” after picking the city and country of your choice; you’ll now tap the link that reads “Sell Your Item Now.” Once the link opens, enter the name of the item you wish to offer for sale; select the category under which your item belongs; supply your phone number for smooth contact; and state some details about the item you’re selling.

When you are selecting the item category, ensure that you go for the one, which is most suitable for the item to be sold. Check to be sure that the subcategory also matches with your item, and use a good description as well.  Don’t forget to state any fault the product has.

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Apart from providing your number, you’ll also need to include your name. Also, you can state your email address (this step is optional). Ensure all the information you gave is correct and up-to-date since this is the route your potential customers will employ to contact you. After stating written information on the item for sale, you should then add some of the product images. This will offer potential clients an idea of the physical appearance of your product.

How to Buy Items from OLX Nigeria

If you want to purchase an item, whether used or brand new, at fair prices; OLX is one of the best online marketplaces to check.

Start by visiting the OLX official website. When you get to the site, input the specific product you intend buying in the Search Box. While entering your search keywords, let them be as exact as possible so that they can adequately describe the item you are looking for. You should also ensure that you make use of as fewer words as possible in the item search so as to get the best search result possible.

The next thing is to select your preferred location, indicating the correct state and city where the seller of the product you seek must come from. By doing this, it will be easier for both of you to meet at a convenient place to do the transaction. Try to get sellers that are close to your location because this will make your transaction much easier.

When you have picked your choice location, check every item showing up in the location. Peruse their details as well as pictures, making sure that the product has your requirements. Also, confirm that the price tag on it is reasonable enough. You can utilize the filters on the left side of the OLX site. With the conditions and filters, your search will be quicker and easier.

After you have located the specific product you intend to purchase, you can now contact the seller via the phone number or email address they gave. Both of you can then agree on a meeting place, where you can carry out the transaction.

Wrapping up

OLX is a very popular online marketplace which operates in 45 countries. The New York-headquartered company allows you to sell and buy old and new items with ease, at fair prices. 

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