MoneyGram Tracking – How to Track Online Your MoneyGram Transfer

There are various ways to send money between countries. Some use Western Union while others use MoneyGram. With MoneyGram, people can post or collect money to and from different parts of the world.

This money transfer company is widely used in many countries across the world. Most banks in these countries act as agents for the firm.

There are various ways to send money with MoneyGram. You can send money via cash, in-store or app. You can also post it online.

However, you might want to track your transfer and ensure it gets to your recipient. Not to worry because MoneyGram offers senders the chance to monitor their cash transfers. With this article, we will tell you about MoneyGram and how you can track your cash transfer with this service.

What is MoneyGram?

MoneyGram International Inc is an American money transfer company with its headquarters in Dallas, Texas. The firm has its base of operations in St. Louis Park, Minnesota. It also has regional and local services in numerous countries across the world.

Apart from sending and receiving cash, you can also pay your bills with this service. The brand is reliable with more than 30 thousand locations across the US alone. So, what’s unique about MoneyGram?

  1. It is quick and dependable.
  2. Numerous locations across America.
  3. Three hundred fifty thousand agent locations across the globe.
  4. Four hundred bank partners around the world
  5. Agent locations in most counties around the world.

Now let’s talk about MoneyGram tracking.

What is MoneyGram Tracking?

MoneyGram tracking allows you to monitor the status of their MoneyGram transfer with ease. But a reference or authorization number is needed before you can track a cash transfer.

Before you start the tracking process, it’s advised that you take note of the date you made the transfer. This is as important as making money transfer itself.

MoneyGram offers refunds especially in when the recipient does not receive money after two weeks. All you need to do is fill out a request form and request for a photocopy. Here’s a guide on how to track the funds you sent.

How to Track Your Cash Transfer

The process is easy however ensure you understand how MoneyGram works. You can read the first section of this article again.

Before you trail your fund transfer, you need to provide your authorization number and your last name. Now here are the steps to tracking your transfer online.

  • Visit the MoneyGram tracking portal here.
  • Input the authorization or reference number.
  • Input your last name.
  • Click on the ” Track” option.

Note: An authorization or reference number is a unique number used for tracking purposes. You can find it in the confirmation email of the sender.

At the same time, the eight-digit reference number is assigned to a successful money transfer. For a recipient to pick up cash, he/she will need this number.

The authorization number is given via email to the sender. But it if you ate a recipient, you can collect the amount from your sender. Additionally, either the receiver or the sender can track the cash transfer.

Finally, it’s important you take steps to send money to the correct recipient. This is because the company will not make refunds if you make a transfer to the wrong location or person.

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