Leaked Images of Whatsapp Business – Whatsapp new feature

Whatsapp Business

The first images and details of WhatsApp Business , the WhatsApp app designed for businesses, have been leaked. Specifically, the site Android Police has leaked the info about the beta version of the app.


The app lets a business create an official profile to communicate directly with clients (which guarantees them privacy and confidentiality). The business can also create a business profile with a name, business description, location, email address, and website.

Whatsapp Business

An automated messages feature will allow businesses to reply to clients outside business hours.

Whatsapp Business

Statistics section includes the total number of sent, received, and read messages. It’s not a complete analytics section, but it’s a start. It’s anticipated that the final version will include enough info so that the company can learn from and improve its interactions with clients.

Businesses that use WhatsApp will be able to migrate the same phone number that they use for WhatsApp to WhatsApp Business , or even use the two apps on the same phone. This is great news for companies, especially stores, because they can have a phonenumber used exclusively for business and not risk revealing their private phonenumbers. They can even have WhatsApp on one phone and Business on another, so that outside of business hours, they can forget about work and not be harassed by incessant work notifications.

For now, the trial version of WhatsApp Business is only available on Android. It’s in the Google Play Store, but you may not be able to see it if you’re not registered as a beta tester. To do this, you have to sign up as a business.

Whatsapp Business

Do you think WhatsApp Business will be useful? Will you feel safer, for example, knowing that you’re talking to a representative of a real business instead of a scammer? Let us know in the comments!

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