How to Download Wapdam Games

Until now, Wapdam was the go-to site for games for different mobile devices. It even offered millions of users the chance to download ringtones, music, wallpapers, and themes.

However, the site is no longer active due to some possible reasons. For one, the website has been ranked as a “deceptive” site. This means that you can have your details fall in the hands of cybercriminals on this site.

Surprisingly, this mobile content site was suspect in a massive data leak scandal where the personal data of 2.2 billion users were lost. The site also redirected users to other suspicious sites.

With this article, we would like to tell you about Wapdams games. We will also show you where you can download these games without visiting the original Wapdam address which has been axed by authorities.

But first, let’s show you the games on offer.

Wapdam Games Category

Wapdam had games for devices that run on Android, BlackBerry, Windows and Java operating systems. The site has these games on various categories like:

*. Online Games

*. Flash Games

*. Sports Games

*. Adventurous Games

*. Arcade Games

*. Action Games

*. Racing Games

*. Puzzle Games

*. Shooting Games

Some of the favourite action games on this platform include Garena, Armed Heist, Christmas Panda Run Game, and Subway Surfers.

Here are other popular titles on all platforms.

★ 3D Constructo Combat

★ Stunt Plane

★ Faust Revenge

★ Pirates 3

★ Sina Blood prison

★ Tank raid 3D

★ Texas Chainsaw Massacre

★ Bravery Detective

★ Nowhere

★ Cheburashka

★ The Sims 2 Castaway Mobile

★ Death Trap 2 The Unlocked Code

★ Elemental Mage


★ Cave Jewel Morning Pearl

★ Green Orcs Tragic childhood

★ The Legend of Dino

★ Rio Super Soccer

★ Potiya

★ Neon Breaker

★ Frozen Jump

★ DChoc cafe Memory match

★ Narnia Chess

★ Checkers 3D

★ Line 2

★ Monopoly here and now The world edition

★ Archon

★ Trade-Off

WapDam also offered the following games for Android devices:

★ Black Friday

★ The final station

★ Survival island warrior escape

★ Boobashell – PVP

★ Death behind beta

★ One shot one kill

★ Feudal combat – Inuyasha

★ Hidden objects – Jungle mystery

★ Silent world adventure

★ Queens quest 3

★ Riven – The sequel to Myst

★ Missing

★ Escape world’s largest hotel

★ Insomnia 5

★ Bunny golf

★ Draw rider 2

★ Beyond Hirieth

★ Footy golf

★ Alive in shelter

★ Evil Mudu – Hill climbing taxi

★ Stickman tubers life tycoon

These are some of the games you can find on Wapdam. However, we want to add that the titles mentioned are just a fraction of the mobile site’s large game collection.

Let’ s show you how to download these incredible games without visiting the Wapdam website.

How to Download Wapdam Games

As the site is not accessible, you can download these games and other content from alternative sites.

Such sites include Toxicwap, and Waptrick One. These options are safe and secure as they do not require your details before use.

Follow these steps to download games from these sites.

  1. Visit any of the sites above by clicking on the above.
  2. When the sites open, scroll to the bottom until you get to the Games category
  3. Click on Games. This will direct you to a screen with a list of various platforms such as Android, Windows, Java, and Symbian. Select your preferred option.
  4. Finally, you will see a list of multiple Game genres such as Action, Sports Click on one and choose any game titles of your choice.

And that wraps up our guide on how to download Wapdam games for any device. We would like to hear your thoughts and comments in the box below.

Written by Jerry

My name is Jerry and i am a tech lover and also a writer here at Techipulse, shot me a mail if you got an interesting topic.

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