Check Out MTN QUICK winD 500mb for just N100

MTN QUICK winD 500mb

Kidding? Hell NO!! This so real. This mtn quick wind 500mb for just n100 data plan has been active since last year( you didn’t know?) But MTN managed to keep it subtle(silent killers…MTN) and just few people knew about it( and they didn’t tell us… Hmm).

  MTN QUICK winD 500mb

Guess what? It still works and all you need to know about it is right here(c’mon guys we are gonna rock their world).

We’ve been hearing MTN QUICK winD, what is it? Well it is a data bundle that comes at a cheap rate and it’s just like your normal subscriptions. 500 worth of data that can been used anytime of the day without any limitations. (Let me blow your mind) It goes for just N100

Features of MTN QUICK WinD

    • It requires N100 for N500MB?


    • This data bundle can be used on all devices even that newly introduced nokia 3310 with opera mini browser


    • No VPN required


    • It works anytime


    • It lasts for 7days


    • It doesn’t supports all sims


To Activate MTN Quick WinD for N100

Make sure your MTN sim is credited with N100

    • Dial this code *446*11*4*7*5#


    • You will be sent a confirmation message of 500MB

  MTN QUICK winD 500mb

To Check Your Balance

Dial *559# or *559*2#

Tip: try this in all MTN you can lay your hands on in case it doesn’t work on yours. Enjoy!!!

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