10 Best Songs Download Apps Free for Android

10 Best Songs Download Apps Free for Android


Are you in need of the best songs download apps for your Android phone? then you are on the right page. Music is food for the soul and almost, if not everyone has one or two genre of Music that they like to listen to.

Listening to music while doing house chores, working out or just relaxing can make so much of a difference, so having the right set of Music collection on your Android device is kind of necessity. Now, there are a tons of apps available for the Android platform which you can use to update or add new songs to your collection which we will be listing out here in this article. Some of which you might already know of and some of which you don’t. Let’s take a look.

10 Best Songs Download Apps Free for Android

1. Miui Music Player

If the name MIUI rings a bell then you definitely know of the Xiaomi smartphone brand. MIUI Music player is the default Music player for the MIUI Skin for Android. In addition to letting you play the music you have on your device, you can also use the music player to search and download more Music online. If you’ve ever used a Xiaomi device then you most likely know your way around the MIUI Music player, if not then why no give it a try ? You won’t regret it.

MIUI Music Player

2. Music Maniac

Music Maniac is one of the best Songs Download Apps for Android. The app boasts of millions of songs that are readily available to be downloaded which can later be listened to offline. The app has a very good user interface and most importantly is free. So that means no hidden charges or subscriptions but you will be shown some ads from time to time.

Download Music Maniac

3. Napster Music

Napster Music is music app that has over 30million songs in its catalogue with more being added daily. One thing I like about Napster Music is the fact that the app is free from ads which which makes the user experience so much better. However, this makes it come with a price tag as they have to make money somehow. Now, before you make any commitments, you can use the 30day free trial they are offering and if you like the service, of which you will, you can subscribe for the subsequent months.

Download Napster Music Here

4. Google Play Music

Google Play Music needs no introduction as most android users already know of or have used the the music player app as one of the very best Songs Download Apps. Google play music is not just a music player app, it can also be used to download online music or cache online Music for offline playback. As expected from Google, the User Interface is neat and the Experience is just amazing.

Download Google Play Music Here

5. GTunes Music

GTunes Music is an app that supplies you with all the Music you’ll ever need on your Android device. The app is simple and straightforward with a very neat and clean User Interface. You simply just make a search of the music you want, Download and you can start listening to it. Yes, it’s as simple as that. You can also use the downloaded music or songs as your ringtone if you want.

Download GTunes Music Here

6. 4Shared

4Shared has been an old time source for not just music but also for other files, hence it is one our list of the best Songs Download Apps. They now have a dedicated app for just music through which you can search and download from the millions of available music on their platform. You are also given up to 15GB worth of space to upload your music collection and stream them on the go.

Download 4shared Music Here

7. SoundCloud


Some people know SoundCloud, some other don’t. SoundCloud is currently the world’s largest audio and music streaming platform with over 150M tracks from both independent Musicians and professional artists. Some tracks can be downloaded for free while some will require the monthly subscription which comes with a hots of other features like the ability to take your whole music Collection offline. It is highly recommended among the best Songs Download Apps for Android here.

Download SoundCloud Here


8. Amazon Music

The name Amazon isn’t necessarily known for its music or rather does it have an Android app, yet. However, there is no denying that it does have some really good collection of music in its portfolio and is definitely worth checking out as song lover. Obviously, the music available here aren’t free and are paid.

See Amazon Music Here

9. MP3 Music Downloader

Simple MP3 DownloaderSimple MP3 Downloader

Simple MP3 downloader does exactly what the name implies, it helps you to simply download MP3 audios and Music. It has a recommended tab where it recommends trending music or you can make use of the search bar to search for music you want and download. Everything about simple MP3 downloader is just simple and makes the user experience so much better.

Download Simply MP3 Downloader

10. Wynk Music

Wynk MusicWynk Music

Wynk Music is also another good music downloader app for Android. However, people that will enjoy this app are mostly Bollywood fans who are into hindi songs as this app has a lot of them. So if you’re a big fan of Bollywood movies, then you definitely need to download this app. Everything other thing about the app is good. No complains here.

Download Wynk Music Here

There you have it guys, the list of the best Songs Download Apps where you can download songs or music to your Android phone. Which one do you currently use?


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