10 Best Compass Apps for Android 2019 to share locations

Get to know the best compass apps for Android and iOS. Sometimes, you obviously might just want to visit friends and acquaintances but owing to the fact that you are either new to the area or you lack proper directions. You might not be able to embark on such a journey.

But this problem is likely to be a thing of the past as modern technology has come to correct such odds with the use of compass apps.

On the off chance that you have a functional Smartphone then, you’ve got all you need to find your way around regardless of where you are, even on air and sea with a guiding compass. With an easily installed compass app on your smartphone, you’d do just well.

These best compass apps for Android help you to get the correct direction using Global Positioning System {GPS} and magnetic field. Therefore, this article highlights 10 of the top best compass apps for android users. All of these apps are tested and can provide accurate location using your smartphone.

Best Compass Apps for Android device

As earlier stated, we’d be highlighting some of the best compass apps for Android devices. In all sincerity, there are more than a hundred such apps available but this list offers the best from the rest following the reliability and functionality as reviewed by other users. We do hope they meet your requirement in total clarity.

Gyro compass

Gyro compass is one of the best and popular compass apps for android users which works on GPS and let you know about the direction on offline mode. It uses the magnetic field and shows the north direction to you so that you can easily get other direction. It is easy to use and the user sees it as a friendly app in which all features and settings are placed on the main screen of the app. Gyro app is free and developed for all smartphone users which helps you for navigation.

Digital Compass

Digital Compass is a popular and useful compass app for Android users which allows you to get navigation. It is a simple north direction indicator app which provides you north direction. Before using this app it is required that your device have an integrated compass sensor. Along with compass it also has a metal detector option to get metal near to you. You can also use this app to get map and direction on your smartphone.

Compass 360

Compass  360 can be used for most of your outdoor activities such as travel, picnics, camping, hiking or boating.
There are many compass apps on the market but most of them work accurately only in America but less accurate in Australia and Asia. Compass 360 app work accurately all over the world.


A planet is a popular 3D guide app which let you know about the solar system in 3D view on your smartphone. It will help you to know about the real-time planet in the sky with their details.
It is easy to use with a good user interface and let you get what you want on the sky. You can easily spin earth or any other planet according to your interest on your smartphone using this app. It is an interesting and fun app for android users.

Altimeter GPS

This app is a useful compass application that helps to track and locate location especially when you are lost and you want to ask your friends for a help. All you just need is to send your location link to your friends and they will be able to find you and your ways very easily. Some of its features include. Speed tracking in mph or km/h based on MPH or KM/H mode, Distance tracking in miles or kilometres based on MPH or KM/H mode, Time tracking, Tracking location on map, Ability to turn tracking off/on, Longitude, latitude coordinates.

Wind Compass is also known as wind direction which allows you to know the wind direction near to you. It is a popular app which provides you with current wind speed and direction on your smartphone for free. It is easy to use with good user interface app which has the ability to switch wind speed in different parameters. Along with wind speed, it also provides temperature and weather forecast for 7 days on your smartphone.

Commander Compass is a GPS app which allows you to get navigation for outdoors. It is inbuilt with hi-tech compass maps, GPS, waypoint tracker and also geological features. It works with a 3D view so that you can get real-time object position, direction and info about the place.

One of the best features of this app is to allow you to save your current position and get the target position easily. It also provides you with geo-location services so that you can easily know information about your current position.

Compass Plus


Compass Plus is one of the best compass apps for Android and iOS devices. It has a simple interphase and is easy to use thanks to its lovely graphic design and personalization. It is one one the compass apps you can use while outdoors and wants to know about the direction and weather.

Accurate Compass

Accurate Compass ranks high among the best compass apps for Android and iOS. The app has a 3D view along with an intuitive user interface. It works exactly like a normal compass and is easy to use for checking (magnetic) North, South, East, and West, navigating unfamiliar places, finding out the bearing of objects in the distance or just checking which way your garden faces!

The compass also shows the bearing (in degrees) in a side window and its 3D view will work even when your device is not held parallel to the ground. Note that this app relies on the magnetometer of your mobile device so accuracy may vary. Also, please check that your device isn’t being affected by a magnetic field. There is advice on calibrating your device within the app.

best compass apps for Android

Smart compass is one of the best compass apps for Android. It is useful when you lost your way on a course of your journey. You can use it to check your direction with Google map. Smart compass free is a navigational instrument which shows four cardinal directions.

Compass app finds your actual position (using GPS) and determines all geographical directions. The aesthetic design of this sleek compass app won’t distract from your priorities and will helps globetrotters to guide throughout many exciting adventures. This digital compass for android shows not only North, South, East and West but also the azimuth and angle.

Apparently, there are many best compass Apps available for Android smartphone, but the above-listed apps are still the very best apps for getting correct positioning on an Android device in which it will make Android users locate and get the direction of a particular geological area.


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